BREAKING: Chevron to begin work on Pacific Trails Pipeline

FB_IMG_1434960812547FB_IMG_1434960999944BREAKING: Chevron has received permits to begin clearing the path for their Pacific Trails Fracking Pipeline from the BC Oil and Gas Commission. They have plans on getting crews out this summer to begin archaeological work, road maintenance, clearing right of ways, and building access roads through territories that the Hereditary Chiefs control.

Wet’suwet’en clans UNANIMOUSLY reject ALL pipelines

FB_IMG_1434585524154We are proud to announce that the All Clans Meeting, which was hosted by the Office of the Wet´suwet´en, was 100% successful!! Our people UNANIMOUSLY agreed to not accept any pipelines through our lands!! There was apparently a deadline for an application to begin construction for the Coastal Gas Link pipeline project that was due on Friday from the British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission. Also, the work to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway and the Pacific Trails Pipeline needed to be addressed. The Unist´ot´en Clan was recognized as a leader amongst the other Clans in preserving and adhering to the teachings of the forefathers who fought for and protected our Yintah. There were two people who came to the meeting to clearly disrupt and derail the meeting with a script that was not their own. They shamed themselves into leaving the meeting and then each Clan then broke out on their own to discuss amongst themselves what they foresaw for their own futures. The vision of the ancestors was fulfilled as the membership moved to preserve our lands and culture in the way intended by the creator. Thanks to all who have stood by us since day 1.

Unistoten Camp on Bill C-51: Video

from Vice Canada:
With Bill C-51 still awaiting approval in the Senate, the so-called anti-terror bill has managed to remain controversial. The bill, which will give agencies like CSIS sweeping new powers to combat terrorist “threats,” has been criticized for being so broad that anyone deemed a threat to critical infrastructure, territorial integrity, or the economic stability of Canada could become a target.

This directly affects the Unist’ot’en Clan, who have maintained a roadblock deep within their unceded traditional territories in British Columbia, to keep out oil and gas pipelines. VICE producer Stephanie Brown gained access to the camp to talk to the founders and supporters about their plight, and to find out how they think Bill C-51 affects them.

Help Build the New Healing Centre

Screenshot-8Stand in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en Blockade Camp as we build on our commitment to healing and decolonization.

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For five years now the Unist’ot’en Camp has been a bastion against the many fossil fuel pipelines proposed to cross the northern part of British Columbia. Each year​ we have grown in strength and reach. Last year, with the generous financial support of hundreds of people just like you, a secure ​​Bunk​ ​​House was constructed at the Camp. Sleeping as many as 20 people at a time, the bunk house has enabled activists to maintain a substantial presence at the Camp through all seasons.

Unist’ot’en Oppose Bill C51

bill-c51-signDeep in the forest, surrounded by the rapid on-going destruction of ancient lands, there grows a powerful place of healing and decolonization. Despite what can often seem like a concerted effort to extinguish indigenous culture, the Unist’ot’en clan have built a place where anyone willing to refuse to destroy the land are welcome to join them in this healing. On the banks of the Wedzin Kwa, Wet’sewet’en people have reconnected with the land and with their ancient culture, and relationships have been built with peoples from other lands near and far.

“With the impacts of climate change and toxic dangers from industrial projects based on greed and selfishness we have always expressed our concern that this is not just a challenge that my people need to overcome but a challenge that faces all of humanity.” says Freda Huson, Spokesperson of the Unist’ot’en People. “Together we must make a collective effort to provide an outcome that will allow for our survival as humans. We need to decolonize and heal the planet because if we don’t, she will make us pay. That is why we are making a Healing Center on our lands. It will be a place for healing and decolonization.”